Blessed Beyond Measure

So much has changed over the last two months.  God truly has surprised me.  I am still learning every day to be the best leader and girlfriend that I can be.  I can now see a reason for dating to date simply to gain maturity in relationship, but then that may come through time anyways.  I do not really know.

I am still going to go to Kyrgyzstan for two months, but now, I am leading the trip all together.  It is crazy!  I never dreamed of doing this, but I can see that God’s hand is in it.  He is really showing me what He can accomplish through me.  It isn’t a matter of me leading, but Christ leading through me.  He gives me strength I never knew I had. I have a sea of things to do over the Christmas holiday to prepare for the trip.  And it may keep me very busy, but I know, by God’s guidance it will all be worth it.

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that my last blog talked about how much I was enjoying singleness and didn’t want to join the dating scene, but what can I say?  Orion got to me.  It was exactly a month after my last blog that he asked me out.It was sweet and adorable.  It feels so right when I am with him.  There are days I doubt it all.  There are days when little things annoy me.  Then we talk about it a bit, and it all is good again.  I know there are things we are working on, I am sure there will always be things we can improve on, but that is a part of life and growth.

The bottom line is this:  I am blessed beyond measure!  I have an amazing boyfriend whom I cherish and who cherishes me.  Most importantly, I serve a God that is bigger than every struggle I face and has my life planned for me.  His plans are bigger than my plans and will take me to places beyond my imagination.  He is my strength and my refuge and I give him my all!


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