At His Voice

Think about all the stories in the bible where an audible voice from heaven was heard: Moses at the burning bush, Samuel in the temple, or Saul on the road to Damascus.   In these incidents, there was reverence for God.  Moses took off his sandals, but he hid his face because he was afraid to look at God.  Saul’s life was forever changed while he was going to Damascus.  God appeared and Saul fell to the ground.  The men with Saul were speechless, and the light of God blinded Saul.  Samuel is one of the few examples where there was a true humility and stillness at the sound of God’s voice.  Samuel, upon hearing God call him by name for the fourth time, said, “Your servant is listening.”

As I was reading in Mt. 17 about the transfiguration, I saw the fear the disciples had at the sound of God’s voice.  I began to think about all the other times in the bible where the voice of God was heard from heaven.  God often spoke in love, yet people feared Him! Only God has enough love and authority in His voice that at the sound of His voice alone we bow in humble reverence to the Almighty One, whether out of fear or complete surrender.

In Philippians 2:10, it says that at the very mention of Jesus’ name, “every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.”  There will indeed come a day when we will all stand before the Lord.  When we are in the presence of God and all His glory, both here on earth and in heaven, we should fall before the Lord, totally surrendered.


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