I’ll Check My Schedule

I am a girl who likes schedules, but I rarely keep to them.  Schedules for me are more like an elaborate To do list that tells me what I should and could get done even though I know I will probably only get half of it done.  I especially like to try to make schedules when I have lots of things to do that I don’t want to do.  Right now, I am reaching a time to schedule.  It is called cleaning my room!

I have always had a philosophy that, no matter what my Dad says, my closet belongs on my floor.  That usually most of the mess, but sometimes other things pile up around the room too.  On top of cleaning, though, there is packing, that thing you wish you could hire to be done because it seems so tedious and time-consuming.  Then again, that might be Princess Procrastination talking.  I have one week to get it done; let’s see if a schedule works this time.


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