Smile :)

It is so easy to find the frustrations in life, like picking up the slack of others at work or the dishes that seem to always pile up out of nowhere. However, it is very important to not let the stress and frustration outweigh all the joys that life can bring also.

In the midst of my busy week of working and working, there have been silver lining of laughter and joy that make life exciting.  They add flavor to my day.

The day before last my Aunt came into town with her kids.  My cousin was coming into the store where I work to pick some things up for their camping trip.  I had not seen them yet, so I gave him a big hug when I saw him.  Then when I returned to the till to finish checking the woman’s groceries, she leaned over to me and whispered, “Is that your boyfriend?”  I laughed so hard!  See, I have no boyfriend now.  Then to top it off, when I told my cousin later on, he replied, “Well, I am pretty studly!”  It was a silver lining to my work day!

Yesterday, I had another silver lining that is also worth documenting.  I was working once again when I received a call from my mother.  Before I indulge in the rest of this story, you must know that my mother is an amazing cook!  She can cook and bake pretty much anything.  She is the one that didn’t want to let oatmeal spoil and decides to whip bread out of it.  It has become a fundraising specialty!!!  This is the mother who goes to a restaurant and tries something she likes, but then goes home and duplicates it.  She is fascinating.

That being said, I pick up the phone to hear my mother ask, “When you make your jalapeño poppers, it is on the bottom rack at 425 right?”  I chuckled and told her the correct information, which was 375-400 degrees on the top rack.  She was way off!  Then it hit me!  Never before in all my life has my mother asked ME for cooking instructions or help.  This was a first.  I am still relishing in the first and most likely last occurrence. To give Mom the benefit of her cooking honor, I always make the jalapeño poppers myself, and they still turned out A-mazing!

Every day surely holds potential for beauty even among all the stress and chaos.  Take time to relish in the good things before letting all the annoying stress of life drag you down!  Be joyful!  “God gave you this life as a gift, that is why it is called the present.” (Unknown to me)


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