Fight the Blah

Here is a list of reasons people sometimes fight the blahs.  There can be many reasons and some of them might even overlap.

  1. You have no money and are overwhelmed by the numbers in your wallet, or lack there of.
  2. You are missing something.
  3. You lack ambition to get the cleaning done that you need to do.
  4. You feel slightly overworked.
  5. You have fallen to the boredom munchies and feel bloated.
  6. You haven’t done anything all day, and therefore feel lazy.  In your laziness you hate the feeling you are in and you don’t want to fix it because you are lazy.
  7. You want to hang out with friends, but you don’t know who to call.
  8. You feel sick.
  9. You are losing grip of what is most important in your life.
  10. You were up too late and didn’t get enough sleep.
  11. You are not content with the choices you have made lately.
  12. You want to get away but you can’t

The list can surely continue.  There is really only one way to solve the Blah Blues… Get over it!  It is a choice.  You can choose to do something or choose to sit and mope about it.

Now that I have had a case of the Boredom Blah Blues, I am going to do something that involves getting outside and out of the house.  I got to go!


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