The Darkness

I remember as a kid that I was always afraid of the dark, or should I say what was lurking in the darkness. When my parents were there, or maybe an older sibling, I wasn’t so afraid because with them I felt safe.  In life we all go through dark times that can be quite scary!  We have no clue what is around the corner.  We are unsure of what steps to take.  Things happen in the dark that may break our hearts.

Now, when I am in my darkest hour and things seem so bleak, I cannot turn to my parents.  It will be out of their control.  I cannot turn to my siblings; they will not know what to do either.  My friends cannot help me nor can my pastor.  There is only one person who can bring me through the darkness with strength, joy, and peace.  His name is Jesus Christ!

Sadly, it is so easy in the society in which we live to forget him.  I have done it once again.  The Bible says, “Thou shall not have any Gods before me… Thou shall not make an idol.” (Exodus 20) I find however, that I am guilty of that all the time even if I am not bowing to Buddha or worshiping Allah.  Rather, I find myself making an idol of life.  Life happens and I forget to turn to Jesus, someone so important to me, until my world is crashing down.  I feel alone in the dark, and I begin to see how lost I really am, even if it only happened over a matter of a few weeks.

So, here I am, in the midst of my darkness. My Pastor at University Church has resigned.  It breaks my heart.  I do not know where this will take the church or what lies ahead.  I want to be there at University Church in their time of need, but I cannot be there.  I do not see the light in my situation.

This may all seem so trivial, but to me it is the cherry on top of a mudslide sundae.  Lately, I have tried to coast through the summer and it is leaving me dry, alone, and desperate for something more.  I have realized how I have made an idol of life, and as I feel stuck in the darkness, I need to call on the Light of the World that I may find peace and rest in this hard time. I want to emerge from this with a greater love for my Lord, Jesus Christ!


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