Rainy Days

I love rain!  It is precipitation that feels, almost as if God is trying to feel along side us.  When I am happy, I want to twirl, dance, and jump in the rain.  The rain feels like kisses on my face.  When I am stressed, rain is relaxing!  It feels like a gentle massage with every rain drop.  When I am scared about something, rain can be scary, especially if there is thunder and lightning too!  When I am sad,  it is as if the world is crying with me, and it as if I am crying on God’s shoulder as he holds my aching heart.  When I am content with life, it is soothing, the gentle sound of rain against the window pane.  It is only when I am frustrated that I hate the rain.  For in my frustration, rain proves its character and is just annoying!

Today is a gloomy day.  It is not raining, but I wish it would.  My heart is full of many emotions: frustration with work, stressed about money, bored with life, excited for school, and bordering depressed about having to wait so long.  On days like this, where emotions are all over the board.  It, accompanied with prayer, is the best healing rain!  I think I need a little healing rain with my highly emotional state of mind.


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