Where I am at

I was driving home from a friend’s house tonight and all I saw was one star straight ahead of me.  It was beautiful.  As I looked at the lonely star, I thought about all that has gone on in my life the last few weeks.  They are things I have to keep lifting to God in prayer.

First of all, my church is going through a rough time.  Both my church at home and at school.  At home, I am not a voting member, so it breaks my heart, but I can only pray.  I am more troubled by my church at school.  It has been on my heart.  I am a voting member and I pray for God’s wisdom.

The board has asked Pastor Doug to resign.  I don’t understand this and I do not see the board’s reasoning.  It has been asked for a vote of confidence.  That means the voting members of the church must vote whether they think it is best for Pastor Doug to stay or go.  I see all he is trying to do, and I honestly want him to stay.  I need God to direct me and give me wisdom.

Secondly, my mind has been on marriage lately.  It was mostly this that I thought and prayed about as I watched that lonely star.  I have never been on a date or felt like any guy has ever looked my way.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it has allowed doubt and loneliness sink into my life at various times.  I keep praying for God to give me wisdom, and He does little by little.  I know that I must rely totally on God in this department and trust His timing.


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